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From safety compliance
to safety commitment

At the heart of every truly safe organisation lies a fundamental belief – safety is not a checkbox to be ticked, but a value deeply ingrained in every action, decision and strategy. It’s about moving beyond simple compliance with legislation and embracing a culture where safety is first and foremost in the minds of every employee, from the executive suite through to the frontline.


When safety is a core value, it becomes a living, breathing aspect of the work environment, influencing behaviours, guiding policies and fostering an atmosphere of mutual care and respect. This perspective transforms safety from a mere requirement to a key driver of operational excellence, innovation and employee satisfaction.

Compliance to commitment continuum

From value protection through to value creation - it’s about creating a legacy of safety that not only protects lives but also enhances the overall wellbeing and productivity of the organisation.

Our Services

From compliance with work health and safety obligations through to creating commitment to safety across the organisation, we provide a number of services that help our clients on their journey to safety maturity.

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By conducting comprehensive evaluations of your work environment, processes and practices we can identify potential hazards and risks and pinpoint areas for improvement, laying the groundwork for targeted interventions.

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Armed with insights from our assessment of your work environment, we assist in the development of preventative measures designed to mitigate risks and create a safer workplace for all.

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Beyond preventing harm, we aim to empower organisations to foster a culture for safety, where the welfare of employees is safeguarded and the overall success, resilience and sustainability of the business is elevated.

Our Clients

SafetyWorks have partnered with clients from a variety of industries including mining, construction, manufacturing, transport, logistics, banking, education and professional services. We have worked extensively with government agencies at the federal, state and local levels. And we have worked in locations across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Singapore.

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