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Defining Values & Competencies

We work with your leaders in a consultative way to ensure your vision and values are more than words, rather they become embedded in the way you do business.

We engage senior leaders and managers to:

  • Establish your organisation’s safety vision and values
  • Define those values in behavioural terms
  • Define and develop safety leadership competencies
  • Commit to change


Appreciative Inquiry

Understanding what you are already doing well is essential in determining how you shape your future organisation. Using a strengths based approach, we work with organisations to imagine what is possible in the future through building on what is being done well. We use a range of strategies to question and envision the future to foster positive relationships and build on the present potential of your organisation. 


Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process delivers your Health, Safety and Wellbeing vision, and builds organisational capacity through operational discipline. No one knows your business as well as you – we build on your experience through an informed approach to take your plan to the next level, or, we can build it from scratch. Our method results in a WHS Strategic Plan that is aligned with your values and integrated within your overall business plan to provide the optimum return on investment in your people.


Building a Framework for Safety & Wellbeing Culture Change

A successful behaviour change intervention in a complex work setting requires a sufficiently comprehensive approach. It is important to target both individual-level behaviour change and support a cultural shift in social norms. This will help sustain the change over time and embed it within your culture.

The aim of our framework is to describe the process for designing, developing and implementing a successful safety and wellbeing behaviour change program specific to your organisation. The program is punctuated by measurement and evaluation at every step. Underpinning the program are foundational themes of personal contribution, leadership, inquiry and continuous learning. 


Goals, Measures, KPIs, Dashboards

Determining what you want to achieve, finding ways to track how you are going, knowing whether you have reached your targets and having the correct data to drive future decisions are crucial in creating change for your future state.

We partner with you to create:

  • Goals that are achievable
  • Measures that are trackable
  • KPI’s that people have helped create and are clear about
  • Dashboards that create opportunities for quality conversations and drive changes in future actions 

Deep Dive Analysis of Performance

We conduct a deep dive analysis of a specific risk area within your business. This includes engagement with operational activities to assess the effectiveness of current systems as well as the cultural context in which they function.