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Since 1999, Liz Nicol and Kerry Walker have merged strategic safety management skills with the vision of a safety culture encompassing visionary leadership and engaged people, to create a unique and holistic approach to workplace health, safety and wellbeing.

Both Principals gained their expertise with forward-thinking global corporate enterprises, bringing that quality focussed customised approach to their business.

They seek out team members with diverse backgrounds to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver specialist solutions in partnership with our clients.

Liz and Kerry strengths are in working with organisations, building frameworks for sustainable change in health and safety where people feel valued and harm does not occur.

SafetyWorks was purchased in July 2021 by The Sanitarium Group. The Sanitarium Group includes Vitality Works, who provide workplace health and wellbeing services across Australia and New Zealand.

Our Founders

Kerry Walker

“I love that at SafetyWorks we make a difference. Sometimes it is a “light bulb” moment that creates a significant shift, and sometimes it’s just a small change in one person. Either way, caring about and valuing people creates a ripple effect that spreads out to free people to make choices.” Kerry Walker, Director

Working in engineering design early in my career really impressed upon me the importance and impact of creating an environment that supports managing risk. Later experience in operations showed me how weak systems and inconsistent leadership can escalate uncontrolled risks into serious incidents and cause both immediate and widespread harm. This fuels our team’s dedication to providing excellent customised services designed to enable safe and healthy work. In this way we provide the guiding foundations and support for leaders to build a sustainable culture of care.


Liz Nicol

“What I love doing is working with people to spark their imagination...”

Einstein once said – “Knowledge is what has got us to where we are today – imagination will get us to where we need to go”.

In the 25 plus years, I have been working with organisations in Health and Safety I have seen enormous change. Historically organisations have been very compliance focussed and typically very reactive. However, what we know is that to really achieve an organisation where we not only avoid harm, but actually enhance outcomes for people, understanding that caring for and engaging people at every level of the organisation is what will truly make the difference. We know that if we care for people, and help them to be the best they can be, then they will go above and beyond to care for each other.

If we are truly to take the next steps on the safety and wellbeing journey, we need to use our imagination, think differently and tap into the enormous strength of the goodness of people.