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March 28 2018

The Quest for Visible Safety Leadership

What is Visible Safety Leadership?

Visible Safety Leadership is about leaders creating an environment where people; can make informed decisions that reduce the risk of harm, have the tools and resources they need to work in a safe, productive and efficient way and;are confident to work with leadership to address barriers to safe work.

It is not about leaders having all the answers, but being consistent and visible about their commitment to HSW, and creating the environment where people are enabled and empowered to work safely in all circumstances.

What Does Good Visible Safety Leadership Look Like? 

Good Visible Safety Leadership takes place when the leader and/or leadership team:

  1. Get personally involved in HSW. Communicate their ongoing commitment to the HSW vision.
  2. Demonstrate they mean what they say about HSW through actions. 
  3. Consistently take a strong uncompromising stand for HSW. 
  4. Ask questions to understand how improvement can be achieved. 
  5. Create an environment where people are encouraged to speak up. 
  6. Consciously consider HSW impacts when making business decisions. 
  7. Never be satisfied – always look forward & to employees to continuously improve in HSW. 
  8. Demonstrate to people outside of the organisation that HSW is part of the culture for everyone.