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February 1 2018

Learn How You Can Get a Baseline of Your Organisations Safety Maturity

What does 2018 hold for you and your business? 

How will you make a difference in your organisation?

At SafetyWorks our purpose is to value people to create freedom of choice. That means many things to many people. For us in relation to safety and wellbeing, it means creating an environment where people can be the best they can be, not only free from harm but their work and work environment enriches them and truly gives them choice to do and be whatever they want.

One of the steps towards this is Knowing the various components that impact the safety and wellbeing performance of an organisation and how to most effectively set yourself up for success.

This year in our monthly e-news, we are going to bring you regular insights into the 12 Elements known to effectively influence the safety maturity of an organisation.

You can expect an in-depth look at those 12 elements that affect safety culture with the aim of providing some insights into how you can get a baseline of your current safety culture and how you can influence your organisation’s safety culture. 

 In 2018, follow our exploration of the 12 elements of safety maturity! 

Download our Calendar - 12 Elements over 12 Months!