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Identifying critical risk

Managing business WHS risks is a core element of legislative compliance and due diligence. We can assist you to manage WHS risks through:

  • Conducting Risk Profiling
  • Developing WHS Risk Management policies, procedures, tools, registers
  • Conducting/Facilitating/Reviewing risk assessments
  • Customising and delivering WHS Risk Management Training
  • Conducting specific risk audits

Bow Tie Analysis

Application of the Bow Tie risk analysis tool has become more widespread in use well beyond its origins in the process industries. We can develop Bow Ties for high level through to specific risks, facilitate workshops to develop Bow Ties, coach your team in the use of Bow Ties and apply them as a management communication tool.


WHSMS Development

The WHS Management System is an important foundation for legislative compliance, demonstration of due diligence and establishment of a safety culture. We develop customised WHS Management Systems that meet your organisational needs through processes of risk profiling, system review, gap analysis, contextualisation and consultation.


Meet WHS Legislation & Audit

To empower your work environment and enable safe behaviours, we help you to build a strong foundation of WHS Management, meet WHS legislative compliance and support your officers to demonstrate their WHS due diligence.

We can assess your legislative compliance both from a WHS Management Systems perspective and from a specific risk perspective.

We offer an experienced and professional audit team, including Exemplar Global Accredited Lead Auditors, with sound background in auditing to AS/NZS 4801:2001, OHSAS 18000:2007, the National Self Insurer’s Audit Tool (NAT V3) who can enhance business value and promote continuous improvement through the audit process.


Psychosocial Risk Assessment & Management

We provide individualised support in identifying and managing the key psychosocial risks facing your organisation, and deliver specialist advice and recommendations to minimise, mitigate and control identified risk factors.

We take a systematic approach and analyse factors related to job design, team/group dynamics, organisational features and individual biopsychosocial issues.


Big Data Analysis

We can research current WHS data from a range of sources including local and organisation-wide, within your relevant industry and across industries. This data can help to benchmark your current performance as well as inform strategic proactive direction for health, safety and wellbeing for your organisation.   


Safety & Wellbeing Professional Support Services

Do you have a Workplace Health, Safety & Wellbeing gap in need of a solution?

If you need access to the knowledge and skills of a qualified professional but are not quite ready to employ someone full-time, we can deliver dedicated access to your own personal WHS professional on a cost-effective needs basis. You won’t have to ‘tell your story again and again’ to someone new. You will be partnered with a first-class safety adviser that you can know and trust.

Our staff are skilled and trusted safety advisers with decades of client service experience in energy, manufacturing, transport, mining, health, retail and utilities. Our Safety & Wellbeing Professional Support Services can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your organisation.


High Potential Risk / Incident Investigations

When an incident happens, the response needs to be timely, professional, thorough and sensitive. With experience in critical incident investigations, fatality investigations and associated prosecutions, we can provide independent critical analysis support to your organisation. This can be in the role of sole investigator, lead investigator, or participating as part of your investigation team.  Typically, we can respond within hours of being notified of an incident.

Combining comprehensive investigative techniques with coaching skills, we identify contributing factors from the WHS Management System, work environment and culture of an organisation. This allows us to deliver effective prevention solutions.