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Our goal is to stretch a 'safety net' of connections across the world through exchange of ideas between organisational leaders. 

In this podcast, Kerry Walker & Liz Nicol ask organisational leaders to share how they practice safety leadership to keep their people safe, healthy and well at work.

Leading Safety

About Leading Safety - Keeping Safety Real

In a constantly changing tech environment, work health and safety is one of the many areas executives and board members have to juggle, How do they fit health, safety and wellbeing in with running a successful complex business? How do they keep it real?

Our guests will share with us how they live the value they place in the people who work for them, every single day. It's personal and real and we know you'll learn something along the way that will help you to be a great safety leader. 

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Season One

Episode 00 - About Us

In this episode we interview the co-hosts of the Leading Safety podcast. We ask them what listeners will get out of the podcast, how often episodes will be released and most importantly, we ask WHY? Why are Kerry Walker and Liz Nicol interviewing senior leaders in relation to how they manage health, safety and wellbeing? Why is Safety Leadership so important?

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Episode 1 - Let's Chat with Eileen Doyle

In our very first Leading Safety podcast episode Kerry Walker interviews Eileen Doyle.

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Episode 2 - Let's Chat with Tracey Burton

In this episode Liz Nicol interviews Tracey Burton, Executive Director of Uniting NSW and ACT.

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