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In this episode we interview the co-hosts of the Leading Safety podcast - Kerry Walker and Liz Nicol. We ask them what listeners will get out of the Leading Safety podcast, how often episodes will be released and most importantly, we ask WHY? Why are Kerry Walker and Liz Nicol interviewing senior leaders in relation to how they manage health, safety and wellbeing? Why is Safety Leadership so important?

Kerry Walker and Liz Nicol are the Directors of SafetyWorks Consulting, a leading provider of workplace health, safety and wellbeing solutions.

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3 Value Bombs

Leading Safety the podcast is about leaders reflecting on what has formed their views on leading safety and wellbeing. We talk about the influences and experiences that have helped leaders form their thinking and beliefs around health, safety and wellbeing. The real value is the opportunity to hear about the strategies, rituals, signs and symbols that leaders use to influence safety outcomes and how effective they have been.

2. Each Leading Safety episode will go for approximately 20-30 minutes and a new episode will be released every second Wednesday. We have handpicked leaders to share their stories on health, safety and wellbeing.

3. Why this podcast? Leadership is now recognised as the single most influential factor in any organisation achieving its goals and safety is just one of these. No matter what an organisation does, they all impact the health, safety and wellbeing of the people who work for them through their activities and leadership is the key factor as to whether that impact is negative or positive. Health, Safety & Wellbeing is a unifying factor regardless of the business. Our hope is by imparting the wisdom of senior leaders this can have a ripple effect on workers of the future. We will tap into the enormous experience and capability of senior leaders and bring their experiences to you in this podcast.

Show Notes

About Leading Safety

Our goal is to stretch a safety net of connections across the world through exchange of ideas between organisational leaders. These are the people who influence what thousands of their people do every day work. And even at home, through the culture they define and live, that permeates the organisations. In this podcast series, organisational leaders share their personal stories to support other leaders to keep people safe at work. In a constantly changing global tech environment, work, health and safety is one of many areas executives and board members have to juggle. How do they fit health, safety and well-being in with running a successful, complex business? How do they keep it real?

Our guests will share with us how they live the value they place in the people who work for them every single day. The challenges they face and the super wins they've had, that have provided the motivation to keep them in there. It's personal and real. And we know you'll learn something along the way that will help you, and you'll make some great connections.

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