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Enhancing Company-wide Safety Performance

We help organisations create their WHS vision and identify the most effective methods for establishing the WHS performance focus for the whole organisation. We help leaders learn to analyse the contingencies that drive safe and at-risk behaviour at all levels and then make changes to those contingencies that will ultimately change at-risk behaviours to safe behaviours. Further, our thorough understanding of behaviour has led us to focus, not just on changing at-risk to safe behaviours, but on continuing to reinforce those safe behaviours until they become habit and ultimately elevate the culture.


Building Skills & Sustaining Progress

Our Up-Skilling Leaders (Safety leadership training) is founded on the science of behaviour and what we know is essential to bring out the best in people. However, our approach is to shape a leadership training program that meets the specific and unique needs of your organisation, considering and ensuring alignment with other leadership and culture change strategies you have in place. Our clients regularly tell us that is what makes our approach work so well within their business.

Our Safety Leadership training process creates an environment where leaders:

  • Are clear on the vision and values around safety and wellbeing within your organisation
  • Consistently model leadership behaviours which support those values
  • Establish an environment that engages employees in the safety values of your organisation


Creating Positive Accountability

Setting in place strategies for impacting the safety and wellbeing culture in an organisation is sometimes the easy part. Sustaining those approaches over time is often challenging for organisations. We assist by creating positive accountability strategies to aid in building sustainability over time. 


Understanding & Meeting Due Diligence Responsibilities

Do your leaders understand their WHS due diligence requirements and know how to demonstrate them? Does your WHS Management System reflect and integrate WHS due diligence principles?

We can effectively integrate due diligence into your WHS Management System and deliver practical workshops and coaching to help leaders understand their responsibilities and how to demonstrate them. 



The science of human behaviour tells us that training alone will not provide the habit changes required to achieve ongoing, sustained change for individuals and ultimately your business. Our coaching provides ongoing on-site and phone support, both one-to-one and in small groups, to help shape leaders while they are building new habits in managing safety and modelling safety leadership.

We also provide ongoing mentoring support, particularly for in-house health and safety professionals and those within your business leading culture change. This is aimed at providing a sounding board and ideas generation as you progress along your safety journey.


Safety Employee Development & Coaching

How do you help your people reach their full potential? Are your safety employees new to the role? Are they committed, know your business but inexperienced in WHS Management?

We can design a bespoke Personal Development Program to help them develop in their role to add maximum value to both their wellbeing and your business.

Our gap analysis will assess individual and business needs, so we’re able to develop a customised program and method of delivery.