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Behaviour (Reinforcement) Based Safety

The fundamental principle of the Behaviour Based Safety process (which we also refer to as Reinforcement Based Safety) is that it enhances the ability of an individual to become aware of and anticipate possible situations that could evolve around people on a moment-to-moment basis.

Through leadership engagement, worker engagement, problem solving, coaching and training, we facilitate a culture where your leaders and employees not only know what they are supposed to do, but are doing it well, frequently going beyond what is minimally required and into the performance realm of voluntary effort. 


Skills & Competencies Needs Analysis

Many organisations train a lot of people a lot of times. Sometimes performance improves and sometimes it doesn’t.

Are you getting the best value from your training programs? Are you training where there is truly a knowledge gap or are you just training as a reaction, because it’s the easy solution or because everyone else is? We can identify the distinct skills and competencies required to enable people within your organisation to effectively:

  • Lead and engage others towards an improved safety culture
  • Fulfil their legal WHS responsibilities
  • Fulfil the WHS responsibilities of their position description
  • Implement the elements of your WHS Management System for which they have responsibilities

Tailored Training Programs

A WHS Management System can only be implemented successfully if the skills and competencies are built in those who are required to implement it. We can support this by providing a range of tailored programs including:

  • Core System Programs
  • Core Behaviour Programs
  • Specialised Training

Flexible e-Learning

Your workforce may be increasingly spread out, working for periods alone or without direct supervision, working from home, contracted or unable to participate in face-to-face training. We can develop e-learning modules that can fulfil a gap in knowledge delivery and demonstration of competence where it is appropriate. Our instructional designers focus on relevant, scenario based and interactive content that enhances learning outcomes.


Consultation & Participation (HSR & WHS Committee)

If you want to add value to your business, tap into some great resources, engage your people and meet your legal requirements all at the same time, an effective WHS Consultation with us will give you all this. We can analyse your workplace, advise the options available to you, suggest what consultation model or improvements may work best, and deliver:

  • Approved HSR training
  • Customised H&S Committee training
  • Skill development for leaders to engage effectively with HSRs and in other consultation forums.
  • Relevant modules of training to meet gaps in knowledge of consultation participants
  • Refresher training
  • Team-building programs for your committee or consultation group

Coaching & Mentoring

Our approach to leadership coaching is underpinned by the principles of Behavioural Analysis. The coaching process begins with a coach working with the leader to establish the desired impact, and then moves toward defining the habits required to achieve this impact. Activators and consequences are designed into an Action Plan to support the leader to achieve their goals.

Throughout the process the coach assists the leader to gain insight into their own behaviour, particularly how it impacts those around them and further how it impacts the safety performance of the organisation. Along the way the coach supports the leader toward being able to consistently analyse why people do what they do and establish their own high impact behaviours, so that they may effectively impact the behaviours of the people they want to influence.

We also offer a mentoring service that allows organisational leaders to tap into the broad knowledge and experience base offered by our consultants.